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One Medical
Recruited and hired by the founder of this pioneering primary care medical practice, I led a cross-disciplinary effort to establish a distinct brand language and design ethos that would cross product, brand, and the clinical environments of this fast-growing company.

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OM_City Illustrations
We captured our primary care providers outside of the clinics, creating warm and personal images to reflect their authentic approach to caring for every member.
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Seattle Interior

With over 60 clinics across the United States, we used the expansion to the Seattle market as a test bed for a new approach to architecture, interior design, and signage. We reduced the number of elements, furniture styles, and materials to a smaller, more focused pallete to create more impact at street level. 

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The arrival of the flu virus each year is the most predictable opportunity to engage with our members. We developed a comprehensive campaign to promote flu prevention by expanding our friendly illustration style and optimistic tone.

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OM_Flu Instagram
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